Nothing Good

It hit me like a fever. My pulse raced. My senses dulled. Goose bumps appeared and didn’t disappear. My heart pounded. Bats flapped their wings in my stomach. The knowledge that nothing good can come out of this. And yet I couldn’t haven’t stopped if I had tried.

He is 5-foot 10 inches tall.Caramel skin so sweet my tongue ached to taste. Eyelashes so long they could sweep whole mountains away. Hands so strong they could hold back any army. Hair so soft it put wool to shame. And when he smiled, I came undone.

Nothing good can come out of this.

Every time he kissed me, time stood still. His fingers exposed the secrets my body harbored. And when we danced the dance of love,our rhythm was not of this world.

Nothing good can come out of this. For I am another man’s and his hearth is warmed by another woman…

Nothing good can come out of this.

It is sinful…that we have to hide a love so exquisite. A love that should be flaunted. A love that should be crooned about from the tops of the hills. A love that should be celebrated..and not be spoken of in hushed tones,not reviled,not judged…


Motels,hotels…sometimes brothels….like rats we emerge only when no one can see…Nothing good can come out of this.

I made it to our love nest even though it rained.I kept driving through the storm and through the pools of water that threatened to erode all life form. I kept driving because I knew your arms would be worth it. The skies mourned a loss I knew nothing of.

You weren’t there when I got there. It has been four days since. I come back everyday. I have touched nothing except the rose and the note you left for me.

It simply said:


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