Dream snatchers

Last night I dreamed I was on a hill.
Alone. And yet I wasn’t lonely.

The wind breathed in my ears and played with my hair.
The sun warmed my skin.
The birds serenaded my ascent.
It was the most beautiful feeling ever.

I woke up to find you watching me with that look upon your face that heralded a joining.
It wasn’t the wind after all.
It was your heavy breathing.
It wasn’t the sun that warmed me.
It was the heat your lust gave off.
It wasn’t the birds.
It was the whistling in your nostrils .

You went to work.
I kissed you goodbye.
Cleaned the house.
Put your dinner in the microwave.
Packed my things, locked the doors and left you.
You have stolen my dreams for the last time.

Song of the day: Destiny’s Child-Emotions


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