Mo’ Dele

Mo’dele came home like the prodigal child

Sores from all over the place on her body
Scars I didn’t dare to question their source
She came home and like the father in the story
I opened my doors and my heart to her again
Only I am not her father

I am the man who loves her like none other
I am the man in the shadows
I am the one poised to catch her when she falls
I am a miserable man

Mo’dele left again one morning
Like the restless falcon that has a home only in the next hunt
She left me a penciled note that said ‘thank you’
And a sweater to warm my nights
There was no need to search for my heart
It was long gone

I am a miserable man
Glad to wallow in my misery
Because within it lies hope
That someday she will be back
And maybe it will be to stay

Till then, Mo’dele,
Till, you come home


P.s Mo’dele is Yoruba for ‘I have come home’. I find more and more, home is hard to recognize for so many!
Song of the day: Boyzone- Everyday i love you



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