Never Let Me Go…

No matter how hard we try. No matter how deep we dig. How high we hold our heads Above the…


February 17, 2011

No matter how hard we try.
No matter how deep we dig.
How high we hold our heads
Above the waters that threaten to drown our love for each other,
It seems we do not do enough.
Everyday I wake and my heart sings a tune reminiscent of Asa’s Babe gone.
My soul croons Rob Thomas’s Ever the Same in reply.
I am afraid.
Afraid fate is too strong.
Afraid of the tides of distance and time that succeed in keeping us apart.
Afraid of love.
Afraid I am not strong enough.
Afraid you are growing up so far away from me.
Afraid of the places you have been,
The sights you have seen.
Afraid that when u look at me,
You will judge me by things I cannot fathom.
I long to hold your head against my bosom.
I long to kiss your eyes and fingers.
I long to hear you laugh.
I long for things we have done a million times and things we failed to do.
I dreamed we were by the water.
One minute on solid ground, The next in deep water.
‘We will be alright’, you said, ‘I won’t let go.
‘Did they forget to tell you?
Some things are not in your hands…Song of the day: Oleta Adams – Get Here if you can

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