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So i have nothing to write. Hence updating my bucket list…You know how it is… Muse, please come back!!! Deep…


April 13, 2011

So i have nothing to write. Hence updating my bucket list…You know how it is…

Muse, please come back!!!

Deep breath…Here goes…

  1. Go to Tanzania with the man i love and just stare at the Kilimanjaro. I am not interested in climbing. I just want to take it all in with my best friend standing next to me. Awesome God.
  2. Go skinny dipping in the ocean. Hmmm that will be the day. 😀
  3. Relearn how to ride a bike
  4. Meet at least one world leader and make him/her laugh.
  5. Go to my hometown…For now sha, i come from Lagos. That is my story and i am sticking with it.
  6. Dye my hair maroon – I AM OLDER and wiser. I don’t think this will happen.
  7. Cut my hair – OH THIS WILL HAPPEN!
  8. Go on vacation with my grandchildren-give them something to think about when i am no longer here.
  9. Visit Jerusalem…i want to place my feet exactly where His feet walked. 
  10.  Learn how to knit or crotchet or whatever so i am not completely useless in my old age.
  11. Write a book, maybe two.
  12. Read the Bible back to back (please God) -Halfway there
  13. Read all of John Irving’s books
  14. Get an MBA – Done
  15. Go to a live concert of Cold Play’s. Heaven on earth…
  16. Set up a foundation for my Mama.
  17. Go to the opera and just let the music wash over me. – I have done two symphonies…almost there
  18. Give a whole lot of my money to a good cause. Hopefully something that has to do with kids.
  19. Own my own business -YES, I STARTED! Let see how it goes
  20. Call Foluke and Tosin up someday…just to say hello. I refuse to dislike people forever. – I TRIED! Tosin, lets just say em, things didn’t turn out well. Oh well…
  21. Get married for the second time…to the same person i married for the first time – I never even marry for the first time…sigh
  22. Live on the beach..even if its only for a week. As if living in Lekki is not enough trauma…
  23. Take my father out to lunch or dinner…just something special where it is just me and him …and tell him how very much i love him and how there could be no better father for me.
  24. Go on vacation with my girl(s)
  25. See Naples…
  26. Sing before a live audience -DONE
  27. Make Time’s list of 100 most influential people or the CNN heroes list…
So there it is folks. 2014 and my bucket list is not even halfway done…but we shall celebrate the small steps shall we… 🙂

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