So i was listening to the Maroon 5 and Lady Antebellum song with the above title this morning. I am a very proud Maroon 5 fan. I can sing all the songs off their first album – Songs about Jane. I follow Adam Levine on Twitter. I am in true love. Sadly…

Music inspires me. It always has and i think because i listen to a lot of sad (but really great) music, i write sad. Do not be deceived. I am a very happy girl…Well most of the time…
I am not a fan of Lady Antebellum but i think this is one of the finest duets i have heard in a long time. Both bands rock…

Forgive me as i choose to digress from Walls today… It is for a worthy cause…
BTW July is a great month…i suddenly have something to blog about everyday. The muses have been appeased. Then again, maybe it because this month makes it a year since i started blogging…we might as well have a good anniversary :))

Tell me actions speak louder but there was something about her words that hurt..
You say “I hate you” more often than you say “I love you”. But the next minute after you have thrown your fist of words, you run into my arms crying. You say words that you can’t take back because you know I will always take you back. I would give anything to always hold you in my arms…without the words echoing in my ears.

Never asked you to change but sadly you don’t feel the same about me
“You should read more books instead of spending time with friends that add nothing to your life.”
“All you ever do is think about making money. Get a life.”
“You bore me.”
And so I go to every boring poetry reading with you. I hang out with hippies that are crazy enough to give Freud a start just to keep you in my line of sight. I stop eating meat and fish because you cry over man’s inhumanity to other animals. I learn to eat tofu because you say vegetarian is our new religion. I make love to you even when you stink to high heavens because you and your fellow hippies decide the best way to change the world is to boycott deodorant.

I wonder does your man still shudder when you hold his hand…like this man…
I am getting pizza when I see you. You are wearing the green bridesmaid dress we chose together for Aramide’s wedding. I still have the green necktie I wore as best man. You dazzle and your eyes shine as you talk with him. Did they shine like that when you looked at me? You throw your head back and laugh. You hold his hand to your lips and I die all over again.

Now that I have done my time, I need to move on…I am out of goodbyes
Aramide had a baby yesterday. I went to see her in the hospital. She is making me the baby’s god father. I think of the child we never had. The one I begged you to keep. The one that you insisted was going to be a reason for world over- population.
The baby starts crying as I hold him. Aramide stretches out her hands for him but I hold on and sing the lullaby I made up for you. I could have sworn he smiled at me. I could have sworn he understood what it meant to be out of goodbyes and ready for hellos.

Song of the day….i will let you figure that out today!

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