Battle of words

Words…they can heal and they can repair as much as they can disease and destroy. The Bible says the tongue is a little fire. Fire can warm. And it can burn. 

Thank you John Doe

If i had a dollar for every time i have unpacked these boxes,
I would be on the Forbes list.
Alas my packing skills come cheap

Goodbye is so final, you say.
So you reach out and kiss me fare well instead.
And then i forget why i wanted to leave in the first place

Until the next time.

Mere words, 
And yet i rely on them to help me leave you
Mere words,
And yet i find myself tangled up in them time after time.
“Goodbye, fare well, i am sorry, don’t leave, i hate you, i love you”…

The boxes are packed again.
I know better now.
They are but mere words.
Unable to heal, powerless to repair,
Until you mean them.

So we will not be saying these words.
I will be taking the back door out.
Silence wins more battles than words.

Song of the day: U2 – With or without you.
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