It is True

A bird sat by my window this morning,
Singing “It is true, It is true”
It is true.
We gather innocent grass and trees
And make a fire to warm our neighbors.
A fire to feed their hungry bellies.
The grass burns,
The trees die,
The earthen pot cracks,
The children’s broth spills,
“It is true
It is true”
We do more harm than good
We kill the things we were trying to save in the first place
All i write these days is disjointed poetry! 🙂
This was inspired by Teju Cole’s response to KONY 2012. While i do not agree with everything, I am in love with the man’s mind!
Song of the Day: Usher (my boy is back!)- Climax
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  1. lovelife4sale

    Yea… human beings are capable of such Great things, but we are also Capable of total Annihilation, soo i guess you can say we are the Smartest Dumb Animals. just like Dodo birds but with opposable thumbs.

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