Moths and Flames

I wake to find a moth circling
It grazes my face and leaves behind  its dust
My mother used to say flames drew moths
Is that what i have become, Mama?
A fire without twigs
A fire unaided by lighter fluid
A fire fueled by tears

Sleep finds me a second time
The moth circles as my eyes close
I am all out of tears
And the fire is almost out

Pretty little moth 
Fly fly away
Before the tears return
And the flames burn anew
You might not survive the next inferno

Song of the day: Dido- Who makes you feel

  1. T.Notes

    Ooooh i love that song…who makes you feel the way that i make you feel…who loves you and knows you the way i do…!!!!!

    Nice play on words there!!!!But be more explicit!!!!!Spill!!!

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