One Ordinary Day

One ordinary day
Late for work again
Ran out with my shirt inside out
Stepped in puddles the rain had left behind
Made it to work ten minutes after the boss

One ordinary day
Forgot to put on makeup
Scared away the first ten customers
They must have alerted the others
For very few came my way again

One ordinary day
You walked into my life
Dripping heaven’s tears
Shivering like warmth left you behind

One ordinary day
Dancing in the rain
Kissing back warmth into each other’s cold lips
Giggling as we fall into puddles
My yellow rain-boots, your coffee colored umbrella

Just another ordinary day

We take too many things for granted…the rain, the cherry blossoms that herald spring, the fact that it is 75F in VA today (it is bloody March for pete’s sake), the amazing people in our lives, ourselves, GOD…


Song of the day: Jason Mraz – I won’t give up.
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