My Name is in Print!!!

Look what came in the mail… 

So I started writing stories a couple of years ago and i joined the Naija Stories just to get them out there. And of course meet other fledgling writers. That was before i had a blog. Anyway, the people at Naija Stories deemed it fit to include one of my stories in an anthology and voila…the book you are looking at in the picture above is it.

I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity. I cringe when i read my one age story but i am very proud to see my name in print. hopefully this is a sign of better things to come in my career as a writer….’cough, cough’.

Anyways, please visit here and there to buy a copy and support the amazing writers in Nigeria. I have moved but i am still Nigerian so support me too. 🙂

Thank you Myne and NJS. Keep up the amazing work.

Song of the day: Colbie Caliat- Bubbly

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