River of Love

My people…Una do oh!The cobwebs in this space, while not as mighty as those on some other folks’ blogs (T.Notes,Bee, Sir…


August 10, 2012

My people…Una do oh!The cobwebs in this space, while not as mighty as those on some other folks’ blogs (T.Notes,BeeSir Farouk– take note) are getting annoying.I have been writing…a lot…I am just putting them all up on Naijastories…

Today sha, i have written rubbish and i thought to myself who better than the members of blog world to share this with. I know you all love me regardless of whether I write better thing or not! So here goes…be kind in the comment box! Even Wole Soyinka doesn’t write as much as I do. Better? Yes. More? No.

We walked to the river at our own pace
With only the birds of the air to witness our dedication.
We marched on resolutely
Determined to drink of the waters of love.
Laughter erupted from our bellies.
Tears of joy from our eyes.
Orgasms from our loins.
All of these, as we walked to the river.
We finally made it to the spot.
The place they said we could set out our roots and flourish.
But there was nothing to be found.
The waters had dried up.
The river had become a valley of bones.
‘What is it that you seek?’
The bones asked us.
‘Love, the end to sorrow.’
We answered.
‘Then keep walking…
Love is a journey, ongoing.
But if it an end to sorrow you seek.
Then you are welcome to join us.’
We said our goodbyes by that dried up river.
Unable to see beyond those bones,
Unable to get past the end,
Unable to continue on the journey that is love.
We each took on different paths,
With only the birds to remind us
Of what it is that was left behind
At the river of love.
Song of the Day: Nelly Furtado- I’m like a bird

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