Through the Looking Glass

There are many things she sees when she looks in the mirror. The child who lost a parent and disappeared…


October 25, 2012

There are many things she sees when she looks in the mirror.
The child who lost a parent and disappeared in the grief that followed.
The 11 year old who noone else saw except to wonder how she miraculously appeared at mealtimes.
The teenager who stuffed her mouth with sweets to drown the bitter taste that flooded her tongue everytime her father looked past her.
The young lady who rebelled against everything her father held dear just to get his attention; tattoos, minis, piercings, dyed hair, see-through clothes, nightclubs…
There are many things she sees when she looks in the mirror.
She has tried to show them to him but he pays her no mind. He sees none of it even though she has painstakingly taken the time to point them out to him. She has tried a few times to tell him the story behind each of the people that stare back at her fom the mirror. Each time, he has succummbed to sleep before she was finished with her tale.
At first, it annoyed her that the stories that had held so many spellbound bored him to sleep. Soon she had fallen in love with the man who slept through the retelling of her past but was awake for every second of her present.
‘Zome’ He calls to her from the bedroom where he is seated, reading a newspaper and drinking his coffee. She can see him from where he sits at the edge of the bed. He is more beautiful than anything she has ever seen.
‘Yes!’ she answers.
‘How many more minutes till the pancakes are ready?’
She laughs at the joke; their joke. He teases her about the time she spends applying her ‘pancake’ and how it would have been better spent making real pancakes for breakfast.
She is still smiling when she turns her attention back to the mirror. There is someone new staring back at her; someone who outshines all the others and blurs their images into near nothingness. Through the looking glass,  a woman whose smile reaches her heart smiles back at Zome.
She places her hand on her belly and the woman mimics her. They both look down at the same time and smile even wider at the unseen child kicking his way into the present.

I wrote this for my friend Asiya…she is beautiful, she is strong and  she is a mom! 🙂

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