Until Today becomes Yesterday

When today becomes yesterday
I will fall to pieces in your arms
And let you put me back together

When today becomes yesterday
I will hold your hand in mine
And follow wherever you lead

When today becomes yesterday
I will look forward to the tomorrow
That you can’t seem to stop talking about

But until today becomes yesterday
Let me sit in these ashes
Let me lie in this despair
Let me revel in this pain

Let me be… 

Love can wait 
Until today becomes yesterday

So Seyeblogs saw this and wrote a response…find here… i think mine is much better 🙂

Song of the day: B.o.B – So Good
  1. Sir Farouk

    This is deep, what I understood is that the subject is heartbroken and wishes to be left alone to bask and mourn love that has been lost, the subject does not wish to move on. Sort of a procrastination of the healing process. Interesting stuff Kiah.

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