Diary Entries: Mom

I apologize…then again, this tardiness is al on you guys. If you gave me more ideas of what to do…


January 24, 2013

I apologize…then again, this tardiness is al on you guys. If you gave me more ideas of what to do with this tale, I would be early. Lol…

Ok be nice people and provide me with some inspiration for Solape. Do it for Solape. Y’all know how much you love her…. 🙂

Mum showed up at my door 4 days ago. The woman thinks this is Africa where you can just show up unannounced.  Lucky for her, it was one of those days when I was too tired to look up directions to the nearest hotel.She is here for two weeks. It feels like forever to me. She says she is here on business and I snigger. She is here on business alright; MY business!

She and Segun are as tight as thieves already. She never fails to remind me that she is directly responsible for my good fortune in finding this “jewel of man”. 

Segun says to always take the half full glass approach so here goes – The woman cooks so I get to eat great food without giving away a substantial part of my monthly income to Brooklyn’s chefs. She cleans so I get to come home to a comfortingly neat apartment as against all the clutter that constitutes my life. Most of all, her endless chatter wearies me and leaves me with no strength to dream sad dreams.

You can’t help but love Segun and his relentless optimism. Any man who still wants to hang out with my mother after 4 days of her non stop chatter deserves to be raptured with the saints. A mansion in heaven would also be fitting. 

I haven’t told him about having sex with Marcus. I tell myself that what matters is that I never do it again. It is one of the few reasons I am glad Mom is around. She helps keep ghouls (Marcus) at bay.

We all had dinner together last night and between my mother and Segun, I felt human for the first time in a long time. After Segun dropped us off, Mom and I had some wine and talked. She said Segun is in love with me. I asked how she knew.

‘I just know. No man looks at a woman that way without being in love.’ My mother answered

‘Oh come on Mom! You are just seeing stuff because you want to.’ I told her as I refilled my wine glass.

‘And you aren’t seeing anything because you don’t want to.’

She was right so I just drank some more wine.

‘I saw your father in Abuja the other day. He asked after you. He says the family is organizing a 10 year memorial for Maami and they would love to have you there. Something about you being her favorite grandchild.’

I said nothing. There was no need to and soon enough the silence drove my mother to bed. 

I want to tell her that I know all about Maami’s memorial. I want to tell her about the emails that I never reply. I want to tell her about the gifts that come in the mail every Christmas and are signed “Love Dad”. I want to tell her how the folks at Goodwill look at me crazy whenever I hand over the brand new wristwatches, gadgets, perfumes every other Christmas. I want to ask her how forgiveness can come to her so easily.

I have an appointment with Elsa tomorrow so she can repair the butchery she performed on my hair last week. I will ask her what kind of flowers say thank you best. 

I will ask her what kind of flowers say ‘I love you, Mom’ best.

Song of the day: Ed Sheeran- Fall

6 thoughts on "Diary Entries: Mom"

  • A shocking tale of passion erupts with Marcus, while Segun struggles between walking away and keeping mom happy. Mom finds out Solape’s been in touch with her dad for a long time, and she’s most elated. Every one is at Maami’s memorial..including Marcus and Segun. This African must be disciplined. Two-timing was never Maami’s legacy.

  • The sex with marcus becomes a reoccurring act,segun finds out but forgives her still.he then asks her to marry him few weeks later…she accepts.she decides to forgive dad because of mum but she doesn’t totally there is still resentment but she goes for mammi’s memorial all the same…segun comes along and we find out segun happens to be dad’s lost son and she is preggos,mum dies of a heart attack,dad becomes mental,solape has an abortion then becomes a lesbian elsa is her partner and segun walks away like a boss :p

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