Diary Entries: Segun

Hello darlings…  Our favorite little lady has been busy and she has you all to thank for your many suggestions.…


January 17, 2013

Hello darlings… 

Our favorite little lady has been busy and she has you all to thank for your many suggestions. Keep the ideas coming and help Solape tell her story, one diary entry at a time. Please find below the second installment in her story. 

If you have any complaints, blame yourselves  This story is only as good as you make it. 🙂

For those of you i haven’t wished Happy New Year, HAPPY NEW YEAR and God bless you!

My mother has finally lost all her marbles. Before this, I used to suspect that she was a couple short. Now, I am convinced that they have all rolled away, to some deep dark hole where only Smigol from Lords of the Ring will ever find them.She won’t stop calling. She won’t stop sending me bbms. She won’t stop with the text messaging either. She basically stalked me all day at work today, calling the office phone like a hundred times. 

I don’t blame her though; me and my big mouth. If I hadn’t admitted to her that maybe Segun was a tad different from all the other clowns she has sent my way, none of these would be happening.

My phone is ringing. 

Give me a break Mom!!!

She is already talking wedding colours and grandchildren. For heaven’s sakes Ma, I only met the man 3 weeks ago. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!! This woman eh!
There, my battery light is blinking. If I were smarter, I would switch off the phone completely but Segun said he would call at 6. 


Where do I start from? There is a ridiculous smile on my face right now and I want to slap myself. I am too old for this teenage Twilight bull crap. 


Thinking about him feels so good. I think about him and everything else immediately feels good; even the crappy haircut Elsa gave me today.


3 weeks, 2 days and a couple of hours ago, I put on my Goodwill shirt, prepared my diatribe againist the rich and headed on a date with a stranger.

I walked into the restaurant where we had agreed to meet and he was already waiting. That was the first sign of trouble. Who gets to a date more than 30 minutes early? 

He went on to hand me the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. It is the middle of winter and the man finds me the rarest flowers. Esla would love him. 

Marcus used to buy me flowers when we first started out.

Sigh… Marcus…

Segun… He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off my face for even one second so my Goodwill shirt was a failure. I caught him looking at my behind as I walked to the ladies though.
Which reminds me; we haven’t had sex!

Moving on…We talked politics, Nigeria, books, music, business, careers. Somehow I forgot my rehearsed diatribe about the world’s 1 percent. Somehow I forgot to be obnoxious. Somehow I enjoyed every moment. 

He walked me home and lingered too long by the door. I could tell he wanted to kiss me but was nervous. I liked that. I am too accustomed to men who take what they want from me without bothering to find out what I want.

I have seen him every day since. I told him about the 11 dollars from Starbucks on our first date and he drove me there the very next morning. The lady that gave me too much change had tears in her eyes and said ‘God bless you’ like a thousand times. Maami would have approved.

We haven’t had sex.

It bothers me but only a little. Oh what the heck! It bothers me A LOT! I keep worrying about it. Maybe he doesn’t find me sexually attractive. It would only serve me right after that Goodwill shirt episode. Sigh…

Marcus hasn’t called since Christmas.

Segun calls his grandmother ‘Maami’ too. I envy the stories he has of her. Unlike mine, he can refresh his memories with only a phone call, while i have lost my Maami forever. He shares them with me now and again but I change the topic. I don’t need any more reminders of my ‘Maami’. I have all that I need in my dreams

I can feel Spring in my bones. Esla mentioned seeing green in her garden this morning. 

It is about time some warmth showed up in my life.

Song of the day: M.I – Teaser

7 thoughts on "Diary Entries: Segun"

  • am loving this….
    Marcus should dump her…in a very creative/dramatic way….while Femi strives to lick her wounds bt she shud b a lil resistant…. As for the sex…Femi is a proper African man with strict ethics…until they are married…bt it should worry her too…make her feel unsexy…

    First tym commenting and i’m happy you opened the floor.

    • Femi ke? who is Femi again? oh boy!!!

      i hear you sister, i hear you and we will see how Solape deals with a proper African man. 🙂

      Thank you for being here! Don’t be astranger!

  • I love the random flow of this….maybe that’s just me….like how it seems to meander round and round in curious circles….If you can kinda maintain that, then i’m hooked…The typical stories bore me to death…we still havent had sex….

  • Sege lu lu sounds nice o.

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