Hey everyone… so I have a guest today. Someone I admire for his great poetry skills…and you guys know that whoever can write poetry ends up being good lovers! Lol. Sueddie will kill me for that but it is my blog so heyyy!

Anyway, he kindly shared a poem with me. Please read, share your thoughts in the comment box and remember to love, love, love..we all can change the world if we love. 🙂


Bats fly through time

to cover the night of the evil moon

shut those sight doors, cover them sound holes

that tune is not the song of the nightingale

don’t you hear the hoot of the owl…?

Close your soul to the evil that looms


Fear not if you find blood by dawn

the songs would still play in your heart

songs sang by our fathers many years past

those gruffy notes that accompanied dawn’s chorus

the sun would lift the darkness


Row to that land of new beginnings

Row, row, row your boat… gently down new streams

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream…

Or is it?

Bio: Su’eddie Vershima AGEMA is a poet, short story writer and publisher. He is the Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors (BenueChapter) and author of Bring our Casket home: tales one shouldn’t tell. He blogs here and can be reached at eddieagema@yahoo.com

Song of the day: Amy Winehouse – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

  1. su'eddie

    Thank you Kiah… The poem speaks to me greatly and seeing it here gives it new meaning you can’t guess. Jyte: Hullo! 🙂

  2. su'eddie

    Ms Meddle: True, the heart speaks the tune. If we dare dance to them beats, I guess we most would live better lives… But oh well… 🙂

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