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Short Story Time! Lol… I believe short stories are a chance for readers to make up endings…so dear readers, do…


March 11, 2014

Short Story Time! Lol…

I believe short stories are a chance for readers to make up endings…so dear readers, do something about this story…give it a happier ending than I have done…Thank you.

P.S Here is sending love and loads of hope the way of the families of passengers on MH370


He likes to watch her dream. Whether she is dreaming with eyes wide open or narrowly closed; there is something about her face, her whole being that has him hooked, that he can stare at for hours and never be bored.

It is easy to tell when her dreams are going well; a shadow of a smile plays on her lips. He finds the nearest piece of furniture and settles even deeper into it to watch her. On the days she has nightmares, he sits on the edge of his seat, helpless because to save her would be to awaken her and he knows how she loves to be left alone to fight her demons.

Today she is dreaming with eyes closed and her breathing is done through soft lips he has tasted a million times. The shadow of her smile is hard to see from where he sits but he knows it is there. There is no reason for nightmares today.

In his right hand, he holds a doctor’s report confirming one dream come true. The Afghan rug they purchased on last their vacation cushion two identical reports from different doctors. Each report, a confirmation that their dreams have finally come true. After 6 years, they are finally going to be parents.

He raises the glass of cognac he has been holding onto in his left hand to his lips but then remembers to toast the dreaming woman. She ignores his salute from the land of her dreams so he chuckles, downs the last drop of cognac and makes to carry her gently to bed.

He falls asleep to the lullaby of her soft snores. He never dreams. He has no time to waste on such things. He is practical and realistic. It is why they are so well suited for each other. She, the dreamer; he the realist.

So he is surprised to find himself dreaming tonight. He dreams of the dreaming woman but in his dream she is wide awake and laughing in a field of lilies. White is the color of his dreams. White clouds, white flowers, a white dress… He doesn’t know why but he starts to laugh too as she finds her way to his arms and shows him how to dance to music you only hear in dreams. His hand finds the hollow of her back and she smiles up at him as the wind blows her hair across her face. To fight the wind, he must retrieve his hand from where it lies safe behind her. That is when he sees the blood. That is when he awakens to the woman beside him with tears in her eyes and bloodied hands. That is when he wishes that for once, he was a dreamer and he could awaken from this.


Photo credits: Simi Afun-Ogidan Photography– Y’all contact him for your weddings and etc….

Song of the day: Kate Miller-Heidke – The Last Day on Earth

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