Time Warp

Because everyone should have a friend like Eloho…I wrote this a while back after reading ‘Shelter Me’ Cannot remember the…


November 21, 2014

Because everyone should have a friend like Eloho…I wrote this a while back after reading ‘Shelter Me’ Cannot remember the author’s name right now but yeah, it was a cool book. 

Posting it for Eloho because she makes me want to be better, to be more, to never give up being…So thank you mi-lady, you amaze. 🙂


Morenike had stopped paying attention to calendar that hung in the living room. She found that she no longer needed to glance at the posed images of happy people on its glossy pages to keep track of the days. She let the dissipation of her pain do the counting for her instead.

Easter Monday fell on the fifteenth day after so she still felt raw and didn’t feel up to celebrating any resurrection that wasn’t her late husband’s.  Ranti’s birthday was the fortieth day; Morenike felt a little better but only a little. Enough to smile as she handed over the present she and Akin had picked out for their daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday but not enough to keep from crying silently into her pillow when the festivities ended.

The much awaited Lagos rains started on the sixty-third day and gubernatorial elections followed three days after that. Morenike  wept on both days for no reason that she could put in words but at least it had not been the copious, plentiful type of weeping that she had done in the early days.

The clock in the kitchen was another matter altogether. She found that no matter what she did, she could not ignore it. Maybe because the calendar was a silent reminder of time passing and the clock with its ticks and tocks insisted on taking a noisy count of the seconds that life happened devoid of Akin.

So it was that on the hundredth day, Morenike found herself totally fed up with the clock and its round smiley face. She had had enough, she decided so she got up on the kitchen stool to take the clock down. She was going to throw it in the bin but planned on smashing it first into a thousand pieces so the silly thing knew just how it felt for time to stop. For your heart to feel like Humpty Dumpty’s head. For you to lose your reason for being.

She was reaching up for the clock when Ranti walked in with sleepy eyes that were just like Akin’s and asked her mother for the time.

That was when Morenike understood what the clock had been trying to tell her all along; that it was time, time to begin being again.

Song of the day – Freshly Ground – Nomvula(After the Rain)

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