What’s Left?

I was listening to a sermon, The God of What’s Left by Jentezen Franklin, who is my new favorite preacher…


September 25, 2015


I was listening to a sermon, The God of What’s Left by Jentezen Franklin, who is my new favorite preacher by the way, and I had a million stories I just wanted to write about Things That Are Left, People That Are Left, Nothing That is Left.

Loss can drive you insane. You keep thinking of what could have been. I can’t count how many times I have wondered how different my life would be if I still had my mother, my first teddy, George, that a mean neighbor’s kid tore up, friends like Segun that I lost to distance and maturity, the $10 I am still looking for 5 months after I lost it (Do you know what I can do with $10 in this Toronto?), the time I lost trying and fighting for things and people I really didn’t need, etcetra….

So I am taking a break from fiction and taking account of What’s Left after the many things I have lost in this past year. Let me tell you about What is Left:

  1. My Faith –
  2. Life
  3. Love
  4. Family
  5. Friends and My new Church Family
  6. Writing
  7. Dreams that refuse to die
  8. The Gift of Prophesy
  9. The Future

9 because it is September. 9 because even if it was just one thing left, it is enough. It doesn’t seem like much but to me this is plenty and everyday I am amazed on how What’s Left is enough, like the cruse of oil  that hasn’t failed.

The Bible says there is hope for a tree if a stump of it is left in the ground. What is left, you might ask yourself. What is left, people might mock you. What is left? What is left, the birds seem to be singing? You, you are left. You are still here.

That is enough.

I will be back with plenty, plenty stories soon. Heading to the wild this weekend. I am hoping to find inspiration in the Autumn Leaves, the bears(so long as they keep their bloody distance) and rivers. In the mean time, time for some good music (I should have added music to that list but no we aren’t making it 10!)…Dance!


Song of the Day: Walk The Moon – Shut Up and Dance

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