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Oh my God! How did we get to this place? When was it January? Can I just say that it…


December 1, 2015

simi vijay

Oh my God! How did we get to this place? When was it January?

Can I just say that it has been an amazing, amazing year though?

Last night, I was eating Ravioli and mushrooms and it suddenly occurred to me that like my dinner, 2015 was my year of new experiences, new beginnings, brand new everything.

This year for instance, I swam in a river, wore a bikini bravely while doing it, forgave people I never thought I would forgive, gave more than I have ever given, got tons back in return, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, started serving in church, made my own hair more often than not, bought a tablet, visited a city by myself, went on vacation to a new country by myself (well in a few days…I will take loads of photos and share I promise!), saw a waterfall (Niagara), met Dr Olukoya, heard a Kenneth Hagin sermon (and now I can’t stop listening to him) , saw Train, One Republic and the Fray in concert, saw Kevin Hart….

To crown it all, I will be seeing one of my greatest influences next week Monday- John Irving. And these are only some of the things that have happened. So when I say it has been a great year, believe me, it has.

Every start of the year, I write a list of the things I want to accomplish. Because I am human and selfish and sometimes really ungrateful, it is always easy for me to focus on the one or two things on this list that are yet to happen and be unthankful.

But not this year, Satan, not this year. This year is God’s year and so will be every year going forward.

Choice is a powerful thing. God in his love and grace gave us this gift and we have barely scratched the surface of its power. Jesus told his disciples that no one could take His life except He laid it down. I was walking home from work(my office is like 15 mins walk from home) when the Holy Spirit said to me, “You are the body of Christ. Everything Jesus had on earth, you have. So when Jesus said no one could take His life, why would anyone except God be able to take your life?” Wozer. I love it when the Holy Spirit just sweeps the carpet (asphalt in this case) from under my feet.

What are we laying down our lives for? What am I laying down my life for? For temporal pleasures ofrfor the God who chose to lay down His life for me?

It is December, 30 more days to the end of 2015. My Christmas gifts are all wrapped and ready to go. But I am not. I plan on squeezing the last bit of goodness out of this year. I plan on dancing and loving all into 2016. I plan on forgiving daily those who have hurt me. I plan on forgiving myself daily too. I plan on choosing to lay down my life for the King of Kings. No one else can have it. No one else.

This is a segue but I have been blabbing up and down Twitter about my writing playlist. Music is one of those things that I am so thankful for. Here are couple of songs that have been a blessing to me this year. Enjoy. And choose life. Choose to live…

  1. Bethel Music – No Longer Slaves
  2. Housefires – This Love
  3. Jamie Wilson – Wasn’t Expecting That
  4. Nas & Damian Marley – In His own words
  5. Gabriel Eziashi – Aka Jehovah
  6. Walk the Moon – Shut up and dance
  7. One Republic – Come Home
  8. Hillsong – What a Savior
  9. Ed Sheeran – Photograph
  10. One Republic – Preacher’s son
  11. Housefires – Good Good Father
  12. Adele – Hello (YES!)
  13. Bethel Music – Ever Be
  14. Dido – See You When You Are 40
  15. Michael Jackson – Rock with you
  16. Amy Winehouse – Valerie
  17. Elevation Worship – Look how You lifted me
  18. Aron Wright – Build It Better
  19. Jason Mraz – Love Someone
  20. Wale Adenuga – Your Foes/Today ooh
  21. Jason Mraz – You and I Both
  22. Samuel Foli and the Levites worship
  23. Israel Houghton – Speechless
  24. Aron Wright – Don’t Question My Love (amazing instrumentals here!)
  25. The Script – Man on the Wire (Give me anything from this band and i will write!)
  26. Shola Allyson – Oro Oluwa
  27. Chris McClarney – Everything And Nothing Less

My playlist is a maze. You can’t figure me out with it oh so don’t even bother. Merry Christmas darlings. Jesus is always the reason. Halleluyah. Choose life.


Song of the day: Jesus Culture – How He Loves Us


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