Happy New Year! Day 5 already and it is looking so good. So many good changes and I can’t help…


January 5, 2016


Happy New Year!

Day 5 already and it is looking so good. So many good changes and I can’t help but be excited.

This is life; change. We hope for more good ones than bad ones. I had a couple of bad changes entering last year but I am a believer and when my Bible says it is all working together for my good, I should pay more attention and trust. Sadly I don’t trust God as much as I should.

I should know better. I should know that “Adurodoluwakijiofo”…

We all love clean slates, new beginnings etc. We make resolutions every new year…to lose weight, to get angry less, to eat less candy, to save money, to give more…

For most people, by the second week of January, the resolutions are all but painful reminders that life can and does get in the way of good intentions.

This year for some reason, I have developed a backbone. Maybe it is because of my closer walk with God but I am actually planning on sticking to these resolutions.

Here are a few of them:

  1. No clothes/shoes/bags buying, except for VERY special occasions
  2. De-clutter!!! I am moving again and again I am realizing I have too many things I don’t use. So the plan is to give away and not buy new things, hence decluttering!
  3. Read something other than fiction – I write and read. I rarely ever read anything outside fiction. Except my musings, i don’t write anything except fiction either. Last year, I started training myself. This year I ordered books and subscribed to Kindle. I am Ijesha and will never let money go to waste so there is hope that this resolution won’t fall to pieces. 2 non-fiction books a month is the goal. 1 christian, 1 business. Along with the 2-3 fiction of course.
  4. Be gentler, kinder – I have been praying about this one. I am too blunt and even though I don’t mean to, I hurt people with my bluntness. I don’t like hurting people. One of my strategies to countering this previously was to withdraw from people instead of hurting them. Not anymore. I think this is the part I finally admit that I am grown up. 🙁
  5. Travel to 2-3 new countries. This is another reason why I am not buying any new clothes. Australia and New Zealand plus Belize or Mexico are not cheap. But yeah, I have caught the travel bug.
  6. Love – Can I make a honest confession? I don’t know how to love. I have looked back on every past relationship I had and seen that 1 Cor 13 and me were waaaayyyy off. So this year, I will love, I will be love, I will practice every day…with everyone around me. I will tell people I love them and mean it. I won’t take love for granted no more. I will work at it, by God, I will work at it. Also I will forgive…nothing, absolutely nothing is unforgiveable.
  7. Know God – To know God is to love Him. What’s not to love? I only know so little and I am crazy about Him. So another goal this year is to know Him more until my heart is bursting full with love for Him, until I make Him blush with the way I love Him, until He has no doubt in His heart just how much He is loved by me.
  8. Get into a new role – I have done what I do now for 2-3 years. I am ready for something new. Something that will push me anew. I am thinking accounts management or product management. Whatever it is I think I am ready to explore. Bring it on!
  9. Make new friends – 2015, God added to me. It was amazing. I haven’t made so many friends in such a short time since 2011 when I went back to school. It was such a blessing. In 2016, I plan on being approachable, on seeking out new friends. I have found that it isn’t that hard and having ‘chemistry’ and ‘a connection’ are oevr rated. People are just that, people. There are 7 billion of us in the world. Facebook tells me I have over 700 of these as friends. This is a lie. I probably have less than 30 people I can call real friends. I am fine with this but I also want to expand my circle, to give people a chance to find a new friend in me. Maybe it will work out with this person, maybe it won’t with the other person. But how will I know if I don’t try?So from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn to work to the gym to concerts to church…I plan on  working harder at being friendly and giving people a chance to know the amazingness that is me and vice versa. Of course, we shall be wary of predators…
  10. Social Media – I have heard all kinds of amazing things that happen on social media and I looove Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg. Inspiring men etc…but their creations take too much of my time. I have not done very well these past 5 days but I am putting structures in place for spending less time here on. There are people to meet, phone calls to answer, money to be made, humans to be loved…real life beckons.
  11. Make More Money – Seriously guys, holla at me if you have ideas. Be serious oh and don’t come at me with 419. I am Nigerian, I know all your ways…
  12. Attend a Jesus Culture or Bethel music concert – I am not a very good worshipper. I get distracted. I start thinking about what to wear to work tomorrow. I want to worship with people that know how to lose themselves in the spirit. Let me go and learn biko.
  13. Learn French and Spanish – I am not day dreaming about becoming an expert overnight but I want the basics. if I want to travel successfully, let me at least know the major languages of the places I want to go.
  14. Exercise – But of course…LOL. Twice a week, i plan on letting Jillian Michaels make me feel bad and punish my body. Goal is to lose 10 pounds. I need to look good in my wedding dress. 😉
  15. Less sugar – I stopped drinking soda a while ago. But i still consume enough sugar to show me pepper when it is that time of the month. This year, I am sticking to honey. No more buying sugar. No more juices that have sugar. No more maple syrup. No more cookies (oh God!) No more hot chocolate that has more sugar in it than cocoa. We are done. There are tears in my eyes as I write this. Day 5-so far so good…
  16. Write more – But of course.
  17. This is an added bonus. I originally had 16 as it is 2016 but eh I couldn’t resist! #LeaveTrashForLAWMA ! I swear this message was for me. I didn’t know who Olamide was before this tweet went viral but eh, the man spoke to me. 2016, Kiah biko, #LeaveTrashForLAWMA.

The list is not complete but some things are better left to me and Jesus.

Here is to you guys. Thank you for your comments and your stories. I am not that smart to make up all these stuff-I steal most of them from you. So Mugode ko?

No matter what happens to our resolutions, we can all stay resolute in this one thing-love. Let’s choose  to choose love over any and every thing else. Can I get an Amen?




Song of the day: Michael Buble – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (yes yes I know it is over but that man’s voice is perfect for Christmas….and love…and uggghhh. He is sha perfect)

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