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I visited an underground cave in Matanzas. Matanzas is a province near Havana. I had heard of caves before but…


February 16, 2016

I visited an underground cave in Matanzas. Matanzas is a province near Havana.

I had heard of caves before but I had never been to one.

I know people say you should leave the best for the last. But how was I to know, a piece of heaven was underneath my feet as I arrived Cuba.

The verse that kept playing in my mind as I walked lower and lower was “at the name of Jesus, every knee must bow, whether things in heaven, on earth and underneath the earth.” The verse played and played over and over again, long after I walked out.

The earth covers itself with the best of finery and it is hard to imagine it gets better than waterfalls, than mountains, than seas, than winter mornings when everything is covered with white and the world looks like  a newborn. Who knew that underneath all finery are even more beautiful secrets.

Stalgamites that look like melted candle wax, tiny lakes and fountains that teem with unrecognizable life forms, room after room of crystals, rocks that confuse even the best archaeologists, stalactites, and most of all secrets men have tried to hid in the earth.( The skeleton of a 16 year old woman had been excavated long ago!)

One minute you think you know God, that you have seen the extent of his power. You look up to the heavens and marvel at the clouds and stars. A child giggles and your heart flip flops. The sound of rain falling on tin roof. Mountains and their resulting valleys. Birds and the new songs they sing unaccompanied. The seas and its rumbling. Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring….

Bellamar is Cuba’s oldest tourist attraction and is over 300,000 years old. It was however discovered only in 1861.

I stood in that cave and knew for certain that there is God. That what we have discovered is nothing compared to His majesty. I spoke in tongues for a few seconds. I don’t know why but it felt so right to worship Him even in the depths of the earth.

I don’t know where hell is but I no longer think it is underneath the earth as we have been led to believe. I saw the glory of God at Bellamar. That kind of beauty has nothing to do with hell.

“The earth is the Lord and its fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell in it.”

After the cave, the tour took us to the downtown area of city of Matanzas, which is translated as ‘massacre’. I will let you do your own resaearch as to why. My favorite thing there was the Museo Famarceutico. Cuba has some of the finest doctors and health care personnel in the world. Healthcare is also free. And this place is where it all began.

There were huge pots of medicine from long ago. There were labels after labels, rows after rows of mixtures and drugs. But the thing I loved most in that museum was the book.

The book recorded every person that had ever walked into the pharmacy from as far back as the 1600s. In those pages were people’s names, their ailments and prescriptions. It is a magnificient find. For a storyteller like me, it was perfection.

The world has changed and yet it hasn’t. People are the same as they were in 1600s. Underneath all the fancy clothes, the new devices, social media, nothing has changed. Our bodies fail and they get fixed. Our hearts get broken and it heals.

In this we are not too different from the earth. Because underneath, the earth too remains the same.

Song of the day: Shakira – Underneath Your Clothes

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