Becoming Lovers

The first time we kissed was unexpected; it was two people on a collision course that didn’t know how it…


April 13, 2017

The first time we kissed was unexpected; it was two people on a collision course that didn’t know how it would all end up. Worse still, it was in full view of others.

By the second time, we were better prepared. I knew how his mouth tasted then, knew the crevices and the strength of his tongue. He wielded it right this time and I moaned. That was when he stopped. I could tell from his face that he was unprepared for the moan, a little surprised at the effect something as simple as a kiss could have on his body, my body.

I hated that he stopped but I respected it. If he had continued, neither of us could have handled what came next.

“I should take a shower” he said shyly, his eyes looking at me but not really.
I nodded. I needed a shower too but I would preferred it was later and after, when we were familiar enough with each others bodies to share a shower.

“Before you go could you help me with my dress” I askedvturning my back to him before he could head towards the bathroom.

“Oh wow!’

“What?” I asked.
“There is no zip Ini.”

I laughed then. It was just a simple laugh, nothing serious but it got him laughing too and then we couldn’t stop.

We laughed at everything. At the hotel room that we had paid so much for but didn’t exactly feel like the right place to start this journey of becoming lovers. At the events of the day where nothing seemed to have gone how we planned. At the way his mother kept hovering over him throughout the day as if at any moment she could snatch her son from the impending prison of marital bliss. At the officiating pastor that had gone out of his way to give a sermon on sex before marriage after joining us as husband and wife. At my dress and the absurdity of all that lace and whiteness on a bride that wasn’t even a virgin. At us and our awkwardness with each other at that moment even though everywhere else we were best friends.

When we were done laughing, things felt better and clearer. We could do this. We could figure this out.

He took my hand and kissed my fingers.

“Let’s take a look at your dress one more time” He said when he was done.

I turned my back to him. He had a degree in engineering so I wasn’t too surprised when he figured the contraption I had gotten myself into after just a few minutes.

I turned around to face him in my slip, shy and bold at the same time. I hadn’t had sex in 5 years, since my first husband, Soji died. My new husband, Aderopo was my pastor, a virgin and three years younger than I was. When Soji died, my heart stopped beating. But then I met Ropo and it came back alive, aching, yet alive.

“Still want that shower?” I asked as I walked towards him.

It had been a short courtship. One of those ones where you just knew you had found the right person and it was time to start the rest of your life. There had been no kissing, no fondling, no sex; none of the things that had come along with my 2 years of dating Soji. We had both wanted to wait, me in line with my new found faith, he because of a purity vow he has made a long time ago.

I could hear him breathe in the silence of our becoming. We were about to become lovers. A role he had never been in but one that I had played many times to many people. There would be few opportunities to ever lead a man as already perfect as Ropo. This was my cue.

I undressed as slowly as I could, making as much use as I could of the dwindling sunlight. When I was completely naked and standing close enough so I whisper in his ears, I repeated my earlier question.

“Still want that shower?”

He wouldn’t answer until much much later, after the sun had set and birds had gone home to roost with their lovers.

“Only if you are in it with me…”

And that is how we became lovers after becoming best friends.


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