For SoNo…one of my favorite places in the world. And home.   Lately it had been hard to love Moyo.…


September 15, 2017

For SoNo…one of my favorite places in the world. And home.


Lately it had been hard to love Moyo.

Not because she was any less the woman he had initially fallen in love with. It wasn’t as if she had suddenly changed either or picked up some terrible habit along the way. As far as any one could tell, she was still the lovable, funny woman Ore had married.

Yet love was hard for Ore to do and nothing seemed to be making it easier.

“We should go see The Big Sick” She texted that morning.

He had almost replied rudely as he was wont to do these days “Why didn’t you mention this before we left home today?”

He has waited 3 hours instead before calmly responding “Sure. I will meet you at SoNo after work.”

She had responded immediately and Ore smiled, the thaw breaking a little at least for the moment. She was always so quick; quick to forgive, quick to love…and sometimes quickly angered too.


“I will be there at 5.30pm” He texted. It would take him 15 minutes to get to SoNo fron the office.

A little while later she texted the words “I love you”

“I love you too.” He replied, guilt clogging his arteries because usually he was the effusive one.

6 hours later, he was stuck in traffic so he texted.

“Babe. Running late. Go ahead and order. Hot dogs and sweet and salt popocorn. Water too.”

The traffic inched ever so slowly on the street that housed his office along with over 20 other corporate offices. Going home was never easy and most evenings he preferred to wait out the traffic at the Thai restaurant opposite his office with folks from work.

“Babe? Did you order? We are just turning the corner on Main street. Should be smooth sailing now. See you in ten.”

But ten minutes later met him still on Cross Street and no replies to his texts.

“Babe? I am so sorry. This traffic is madness. But tomorrow is Saturday. So we can stay out late okay. Love you”

Five minutes later, he was finally starting out on the bridge that led into SoNo. He kicked himself for taking Main rather than West Main Street. Few people used that back route and he would have msde it onto the bridge much faster. But it was also the street he used to live on durimg his bachelor days and right now all he needed was a reminder of days gone by and a freedom he would never again have.

It was in SoNo that they had had their first date, their first kiss…The former had been at the Aquarium, the latter by the harbor, in summer as boats sailed by and the sailors yelled out encouragement for their budding love.

On the bridge leading to SoNo, there was some traffic as well and he use the time to think about everything that had happened since they got married 8 months ago. At first it had been everything he hoped. But then, like everything with life, marriage had become an anticlimax. A “so what now?” He had shared his feelings with Pastor Ken, the leader of the worship team where he served at their church over drinks last week.

“Ah dude! The early marriage crisis- it happens to the best of us.”

“It does?”

“Sure,” the red haired bass guitarist and father of five children had assured him. “When I and Em first married, it was perfect. Then two months in and I was sure I had made the greatest mistake in my life.”
“How did you guys work it out then?”

“Oh Em never found out but i bet she was dealing with her own stuff as well. For my own part, I handle it with prayer.”

“You prayed?”

“Surprise surprise. Haha. You are probably thinking that is a typical answer for a pastor. But i wasn’t a pastor then. I was just like you. I played the guitar at church-that was the extent of it. But those early days drove me to prayer and I prayed probably harder than I have ever prayed. Mostly for myself.”

“Sounds selfish.”

“It was. See, marriage is like a looking glass. It shows you exactly how flawed you are. I was falling out of love with my wife because she snored at night, broke my favorite mug, forgot to turn off the lights in the basement, had ingrown hair in her armpit…stupid, silly things that should never stand in the way of loving someone except if you are an idiot. I was an idiot. I didn’t deserve her.  I realized then that my love was not enough for what I was called to do in marriage. I needed a higher love if you could define it as such.So that was what I prayed for. Love. The God kind of Love.”

Since they had that talk, Ore had been praying the same too. So far, it didn’t seem to be working.

“Almost there…” He texted as he got to the end of the bridge that was leading him to his wife.

At the foot of the bridge, near the harbor, there had been an accident. A blue BMW had crashed into a pink Audi. It was one of the things they had quarreled about last month-why she needed a car the color of bubblegum.

He parked calmly to the left side of the road, shut down the engine and began to pray. With trembling hands and no words, he prayed the same prayer he had been praying for a while now. He prayed for love. Because all of a sudden, he realized love was a person. Not a feeling. A person and her name was Moyo.


Song of the day: Kesha – Praying

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