About Me

I do not write 'About Me's. It is a waste of breath, ink and space. You can always find out about me in other ways ;). But curious minds always want to know who, why, what...and I respect that, by God I respect that. So this is what we will do. I will tell you a story instead. About A Girl. There was/is a girl who one day decided that she was going to write. It was after reading the last page of 'A Prayer for Owen Meany'. It was the book that changed everything. But as best laid plans go, nothing happened after she decided. One day she picked up Stephen King's 'Bag of Bones' and this time it was the first few pages rather than the last, that changed everything. She found an identity under which she could write and be happy. Kiah. A New Season. A Beginning... She started a blog and started writing. She wrote on everything and everywhere; tissue paper, Naija Stories, her Blackberry Curve email app... She would go on to win a competition. She would get better and better with each passing day. She would wake up somedays and feel like she could never write another word. Then night would come and she would find herself sleepless until she wrung out every word her soul wanted to say... She loves to write. She loves God because she knows she would be useless without Him. She believes in the power of God to heal through words. He is the Word after all; the Author. She is thankful and humble (well, working on it) He chose her as one of his scribes. And that ladies and gentlemen is 'About A Girl.' It might or might not be 'About Me'. But thank you for being curious enough to want to know. Thank you for reading my scripts. Be sure to add your post-scripts in the comment box. I am not promising everyone will see them, but I will and that is enough. If you ever have an idea you think I should write about, or want to collaborate on, or you just want to contribute to my nuptials/honeymoon in Cancun, please feel free to email (paypal???) me here. Light & Love, Kiah