She has periods of quietness. They are long and unsettling. Unsettling because Sayo was never a quiet child. Of all our children, she was the noisiest. The one most like [ … ]

The Hairy Truth

  Like everything else about her, Kiitan’s hair was difficult. All her life, only one hair dresser had not complained. Aunty Toyin, from Jakande Beach Estate. Only that sweet rotund woman [ … ]

Becoming Lovers

  The first time we kissed was unexpected; it was two people on a collision course that didn’t know how it would all end up. Worse still, it was in [ … ]


Our children are bridges, structures made out of love, blood, flesh, and bone, connecting us to the past, hinging us to the future. It is too early for me to be [ … ]

Maybe Tomorrow

  Simileoluwa couldn’t place exactly when she knew it wasn’t forever. The more she thought about it the more it eluded her. The one thing she was however sure of [ … ]

The Gorge

He is no one to be scared of, Adunola knows. She has known this for a long time. He is comfortable, kind, safe, a friend. He drives her to the [ … ]

Simon Says

The train ride into the city is an hour long and sometimes delayed because the Metro North, more than 50 years after its inception, still hasn’t quite yet figured out [ … ]


Photo Credit- Unicef   Phew. I miss the days when I wrote like this. It wasn’t that very long ago either. Found this in my email drafts where most of [ … ]

Oolong at Mum’s

Photo Credit – Unicef Happy New Year guys. So so excited for 2017. God bless you guys. Enjoy some Oolong while you read okay. 🙂   There is a difference [ … ]