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The Real World

I should write more. I should also be more forgiving of myself that I don’t write more. I entered in a story for an anthology a while back. Recently the [ … ]


Happy New Year! Day 5 already and it is looking so good. So many good changes and I can’t help but be excited. This is life; change. We hope for [ … ]

Living Choices

Oh my God! How did we get to this place? When was it January? Can I just say that it has been an amazing, amazing year though? Last night, I [ … ]


Dear Hadiza, I was at a philharmonic orchestra last night and suddenly, from nowhere, you crossed my mind. It wasn’t my first orchestra. I have been to too many of [ … ]

What’s Left?

I was listening to a sermon, The God of What’s Left by Jentezen Franklin, who is my new favorite preacher by the way, and I had a million stories I [ … ]


Death is inevitable…. As children of God, we have an assurance that we are going to a better place. We all try to fight it, especially when it is our [ … ]

A Time to Fall

I know I said I was retired…God had other ideas. I wrote this story at around 2-3 pm EST today. I saw Philomena at around 6 pm EST today too. I just [ … ]