My people…Una do oh!The cobwebs in this space, while not as mighty as those on some other folks’ blogs (T.Notes,Bee, Sir […]

Death is not final. We all need to remember this. There is a better place after it all. It is where my Mama is. It is why tomorrow, I will not cry(okay maybe I will a little). I will celebrate her and I will celebrate the King who died to make it possible for us all to look forward to that better place. No matter how dark the cloud of your pain, know this - It will pass and your Blue Skies are waiting for you to let them in.

Conversations are the soul to every story. Enjoy… “What happened to us?” “You grew up and left me behind.” “Typical! […]

A bird sat by my window this morning, Singing “It is true, It is true” It is true. We gather innocent […]

One ordinary day Late for work again Ran out with my shirt inside out Stepped in puddles the rain had […]

Right!  So in December, yours truly, Kiah dearest, entered an online writing competition on a whim. I never for once thought i […]