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Hey everyone… so I have a guest today. Someone I admire for his great poetry skills…and you guys know that whoever can write poetry ends up being good lovers! Lol. [ … ]

A City

I dream of Lagos mornings,  rainy Lagos mornings,  horns blowing,  hawkers trading,  my hand perfectly fitted in yours.  I dream of Lagos afternoons,   stormy beaches,   palm trees swaying to a [ … ]

He smells like rain

I try not to post more than 4 times a month…But this month has been good. I can’t say anything in particular happened but you know when you are in [ … ]

It is True

A bird sat by my window this morning, Singing “It is true, It is true” It is true. We gather innocent grass and trees And make a fire to warm our [ … ]

One Ordinary Day

One ordinary day Late for work again Ran out with my shirt inside out Stepped in puddles the rain had left behind Made it to work ten minutes after the [ … ]

Moths and Flames

I wake to find a moth circling It grazes my face and leaves behind  its dust My mother used to say flames drew moths Is that what i have become, [ … ]