This was an experiment. I had no idea where it was going till I wrote the last line… When you […]

I wrote this two years ago but it is something is still fresh on my mind. I have a confession […]

Short Story Time! Lol… I believe short stories are a chance for readers to make up endings…so dear readers, do […]

Oh boy…it has been a while. I have so many unfinished stories. Endings seem to escape me these days. Maybe […]

I know I said I was retired…God had other ideas. I wrote this story at around 2-3 pm EST today. […]

So this one is a little long…i do not like long stories. It is also a  result of spending these […]

When it rains, it pours, and then some.  I have been writing nonstop all week and loving it. I started […]

I have long eyelashes. They curl upwards and are pretty cool so mascara companies don’t get any of my money. […]