Dear Blog world, you have no right to judge me for my absence  You all haven’t done diddly squat yourselves so […]

There is something different about her. She tries to hide it but I can tell. It is in the little […]

The pain was everything they had warned her about. And then some. But she didn’t scream. Not once. She took […]

“Hi.” “Hi.” “Beautiful day?” “Yes, yes it is.” He holds on tight to his coffee cup. It had gone cold […]

Have you told the people around you how much they mean to you? Don’t let another second go by.  I […]

I wrote this a while back; well at least I started it then and only just finished today. It was […]

So I am supposed to get a tax refund. Eh, the way things work in ‘Amelika’ still baffle me. Anyway, […]