Things are not love. He has always known this, yet he brings home things, and more things. An alpaca wool […]

‘Jealous of the rain that falls upon your skin It’s closer than my hands have been I am jealous of […]

For SoNo…one of my favorite places in the world. And home.   Lately it had been hard to love Moyo. […]

There is something about the woman that reminds him of things forgotten. This is how he knows he is supposed […]

She has periods of quietness. They are long and unsettling. Unsettling because Sayo was never a quiet child. Of all […]

Like everything else about her, Kiitan’s hair was difficult. All her life, only one hair dresser had not complained. Aunty Toyin, […]

The first time we kissed was unexpected; it was two people on a collision course that didn’t know how it […]

Our children are bridges, structures made out of love, blood, flesh, and bone, connecting us to the past, hinging us to […]