Memory cheats. In this game called life, memory knows it has the upper hand. And so it waits till it […]

My bosom used to be his resting place My belly his hideaway   Time flies And with it blows away […]

The phone rings. I have been staring at it for the past two hours, willing it to ring. I called […]

Words…they can heal and they can repair as much as they can disease and destroy. The Bible says the tongue […]

There are some names you hear and you never forget. Imamuli is one of those names for me. I never […]

I am too intense for my own good. I wrote this as the hurricane blew through my town. It wasn’t […]

My daughter sleeps like a butterfly. Her arms and legs are always yearning for the sky. My mother tells me […]

They told me to go east. I went and found the lions, Beautiful and brave, Hungry and greedy for my flesh. […]