I don’t think I am writing these days as much as I am sleep-writing. Lol. I will let you exercise […]

Since y’all seem to be in break-up season…What with over a 1000 covers of Adele’s Hello. Na wa o. You […]

I can’t stop thinking about angels… They say the eyes are a window to the soul. If this is true then […]

I have been writing this for a while, it was never really ready. It still isn’t but that is what […]

Dear Hadiza, I was at a philharmonic orchestra last night and suddenly, from nowhere, you crossed my mind. It wasn’t […]

This story…LOL. I don’t know abeg. Where it came from, how, why? Maybe the Sanusi drama? Maybe too much Yoruba […]

Another long story…make una no vex. At least, i am writing. This is a good thing. LOL!  I like stories […]