Happy Valentine’s Day people…there is enough love in your heart for everyday so don’t save some for tomorrow or for […]

I think this is one of the finest things I ever written. It was way back and I wrote it […]

I wrote this one a while ago… Children are my earthly reminders that God still believes in us.Β    They […]

Arese loved snow. She loved the different shapes a snowflake could take, the way the flakes danced around you as […]

So my new friend Fifi, who is a writer herself and manages Hobbingpost; we were talking about how Lagos is […]

                Happy New Year!!! Oh my gosh! You guys! If I wasn’t semi-anonymous, […]

Every time the Metro-North train approaches New York, my heart beats faster, my smile breaks world records…Guys, New York is […]

I have been writing this for a while. I do not like the description ‘disabled’. I think it is a […]