So my new friend Fifi, who is a writer herself and manages Hobbingpost; we were talking about how Lagos is […]

                Happy New Year!!! Oh my gosh! You guys! If I wasn’t semi-anonymous, […]

Every time the Metro-North train approaches New York, my heart beats faster, my smile breaks world records…Guys, New York is […]

I have been writing this for a while. I do not like the description ‘disabled’. I think it is a […]

Happy New Month people! I was talking to someone recently and complaining about how this year has not been the […]

Because everyone should have a friend like Eloho…I wrote this a while back after reading ‘Shelter Me’ Cannot remember the […]

They would always both remember their first time. But in different ways. He would mostly remember the details. Like how […]

It wasn’t as if they didn’t know it was going to happen; they had known for a long while. It […]

    When I was only an itty bitty little girl, my grandmother would wait till the stars descended upon […]