I wrote this one for this girl I used to know. We weren’t close but when I think of her, […]

Y’all know I much I love ‘love stories’. I think all my love stories are starting to sound the same […]

200 and counting girls are missing in Northern Nigeria. They miss home. They miss school. They miss their families.  Our […]

I wrote this a little while ago…while I was still trying my hands at poetry. I have since accepted my […]

I grew up in  the Agbara/Satellite/Festac Town axis. Fun times. When I think back now to the stuff I got […]

I have no idea where this one jumped out from but it is a story that is evolving…I have edited […]

I was tweeting about some of my fave characters the other day and I realized most people haven’t read about Zion. The […]

This is not a story! You can stop reading now. No? Okay then…let’s carry on, shall we.   You were […]