I haven’t changed the locks. I tell people its too much of a bother and how my landlord would kill […]

So i have nothing to write. Hence updating my bucket list…You know how it is… Muse, please come back!!! Deep […]

I lost my faith by the waters of peace For of what use was faith when all was well I […]

We crossed the desert Sailed the seas Rode the constellations Cruised the milky way Why was it the minute pond […]

My lover’s beads are red, black and blue Their rhythm like the music of love I blame it on the […]

Mo’dele came home like the prodigal child Sores from all over the place on her body Scars I didn’t dare […]

He was the second child, unobtrusive in every way. For the short time while he had been the last child, […]

Last night I dreamed I was on a hill. Alone. And yet I wasn’t lonely. The wind breathed in my ears […]

It has been two months since the day i bought the masks. She didn’t make it back home that night. […]