I have caught the travel bug. Sigh. I cannot complain though. To have the opportunity to travel to places I […]

What if all the characters in my stories existed? What if their stories were true? John Irving says ‘My life […]

Everyday People

Holla! April was a such a good month. I went to a new country and made so many friends. It […]

She says his name in her sleep. It is how I find out I am not the only one. I […]

  Once upon a time Maimuna would have done anything Baba wanted without batting an eyelid. Once upon a time, […]

I started writing this a while ago on Medium. I am still not sure I have the right ending. Endings […]

This is the last one in the Cuba series. I wasn’t going to share but I decided what the heck […]

This note should have come with the first post so sorry guys but here goes anyway. I am finally getting around to sharing my experience in Cuba. I wrote most of these on the trip so you will find some weird tenses here and there. Forgive me. Over the past few days, I have been sharing what were my diary entries, collated into concise blog posts. I know most of my audience are Nigerians so i would like to encourage you guys to go to Cuba. You will be mindblown. You will feel right at home. It is also visa hassle free. I had no visa, just my Nigerian passport. It is also cheap right now. Because there are still so many restrictions.  So DO IT! PS: I am making a bucket list of places to go in the next 5 years. What is on your bucket list? Tell me in the comments.