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Posts tagged with ‘Abuse’

  • Shamed

    By Kiah on August 1, 2016
    There is shame everywhere. Shame in her mother’s kitchen where she makes meals for the children of whatever sibling has come visiting their grandmother. Shame in the only bathroom in the house where she is bathing and her mother walks in to use the toilet noisily with no apologies. Shame in waking up from nightmares on the couch she fell asleep […]
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  • A Million Years Old

    By Kiah on March 22, 2016
      Once upon a time Maimuna would have done anything Baba wanted without batting an eyelid. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago. These days my sister stares at our father with askance when he asks her to do even the smallest things, things she would have once jumped with joy to do. Things like bathing me. “Manu, […]
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  • A Place to Begin

    By Kiah on October 19, 2015
    I like that name, Ayoka. It is so Yorubaish. Lol. I don’t know why I am writing about abuse so much these days. This is just fiction but the horror is real for so many women. Beyond the pain of their bodies, these women have to deal with broken minds and broken hearts even more. This one is for women […]
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