Tag: Adultery

The Damned

This story…LOL. I don’t know abeg. Where it came from, how, why? Maybe the Sanusi drama? Maybe too much Yoruba Nollywood? Eh…Let’s just be thankful I am writing folks, let’s [ … ]


This was written by one of my favorite writers and an amazing human being…He says I inspire him and he is only trying to be like me… i think he [ … ]

Liam’s Lilies

Dear Blog world, you have no right to judge me for my absence  You all haven’t done diddly squat yourselves so pluck the plank form your own eye and other stories… Hello everyone! [ … ]

The Last Time

I tell myself that this is the last time. I move in sync with his rhythm, I moan when he stops, I shudder when he resumes, I cry joyful tears [ … ]

Just in Case

I have seen them flock around you; svelte young beauties with bouncy pointed breasts, their board stomachs missing scars, thighs that are stretch mark free, faces that are alien to [ … ]