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Places We Find Magic

Lol…Bear with me guys…I am in a fun mood these days. Beware the Duane Reades of this world. Those seemingly innocuous detours on the journey of life  where nothing magical [ … ]

Wells Street

Maybe  what wanderlust really means is this; restlessness till you find home, restlessness till old love loves you anew, sleeplessness till you can sleep sweetly, sadness till happiness returns…always seeking. [ … ]


He was too early. The email had said 11am at the Nethermead. Yet here he was, right place but wrong timing. He smiled bitterly to think about how that statement [ … ]


“Hi.” “Hi.” “Beautiful day?” “Yes, yes it is.” He holds on tight to his coffee cup. It had gone cold while he was waiting for her. He is afraid to [ … ]


Memory cheats. In this game called life, memory knows it has the upper hand. And so it waits till it is a couple of months later; it waits till you [ … ]