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Wake Me Up

Short Story Time! Lol… I believe short stories are a chance for readers to make up endings…so dear readers, do something about this story…give it a happier ending than I [ … ]

Where Dreams End

Are you guys excited about 2014? I am. Still. So very excited for the stories with happy endings or at least happy ‘continousnesses’ (yes i make words up, deal with [ … ]

By the Rivers

There is something different about her. She tries to hide it but I can tell. It is in the little things. The way she uses more makeup than she needs. [ … ]


I love Adele’s song daydreamer. It makes me want to fall in love with the boy next door, the who has stars in his eyes, the one who dreams and [ … ]

Morning can wait.

‘Maami!’ I call out to her. Her snores are my reply. ‘Iya ibeji!’ I say a little louder. If my mother were awake, I would be holding my enflamed cheeks [ … ]

Dream snatchers

Last night I dreamed I was on a hill. Alone.¬†And yet I wasn’t lonely. The wind breathed in my ears and played with my hair. The sun warmed my skin. [ … ]