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She has periods of quietness. They are long and unsettling. Unsettling because Sayo was never a quiet child. Of all our children, she was the noisiest. The one most like [ … ]


Photo Credit- Unicef   Phew. I miss the days when I wrote like this. It wasn’t that very long ago either. Found this in my email drafts where most of [ … ]

Rain in Oslo

  This story needed a happy ever after. So I have given it one. I loved Ropo like no writer is allowed to love her characters. I loved Sallie too. [ … ]


I started writing this a while ago on Medium. I am still not sure I have the right ending. Endings bore me these days.  But let’s talk about this photo. [ … ]

The Porch

Photo credit: Simi Vijay Photography I wrote this a while back. It is one of those stories that I didn’t know how to handle. It is Kiah-sad. Kiah-sad is a [ … ]