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Things We Lose

I don’t like this story…i find it tedious, boring even but I am discovering the boring side of me. This is a good thing…think of it like a denouement. If [ … ]

The Memory Book

This is a sequel to the last story, ‘They Walked On Water’. I like this story. It is slow paced and words seem to easily find their place in the [ … ]


I wrote this one a while ago… Children are my earthly reminders that God still believes in us.    They flurry around her like bees as she sits on the [ … ]

No Reason

I am awake but she doesn’t know this; I can feel her eyes as they roam my supine body, seeking a reason. She has always been the reasonable one of [ … ]

Taking Turns

It is night time where I live. Darkness seems to fall faster in the slums than it does in the neighborhoods of the wealthy. I didn’t know this until Akan [ … ]

The Slate Eyed Man

This is a story that I have been cooking for a while…hopefully it is well done now. Me, I don’t like medium rare steak. Well done wins every time. 🙂 [ … ]

Laugh Lines

200 and counting girls are missing in Northern Nigeria. They miss home. They miss school. They miss their families.  Our people say ‘better a child dead than a child missing.’ [ … ]