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Posts tagged with ‘Ghosts’

  • The Porch

    By Kiah on February 21, 2016
    Photo credit: Simi Vijay Photography I wrote this a while back. It is one of those stories that I didn’t know how to handle. It is Kiah-sad. Kiah-sad is a good thing. Kiah-sad means hope dey plenty. Lol. Enjoy. He is smiling when our plane touches down in Lagos. I can tell from the way the sunlight bounces gently over […]
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  • Uju

    By Kiah on November 19, 2013
    To anyone looking at them from without, they seemed like strange bedfellows. She was small and when he stood beside her, she seemed smaller still. When I first met them, before the great trial of their lives began, and laughter had become a stranger, he used to joke about how he was her tree, providing shade from the sun. She […]
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  • A Sunday for Ibifare

    By Kiah on July 6, 2012
    Death is not final. We all need to remember this. There is a better place after it all. It is where my Mama is. It is why tomorrow, I will not cry(okay maybe I will a little). I will celebrate her and I will celebrate the King who died to make it possible for us all to look forward to […]
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  • The Ghost of Christmas Past

    By Kiah on December 29, 2011
    Another Christmas alone. I had hoped that this year would be different. I had prayed that this would be Christmas she would come home; just like i had prayed for the same thing last Christmas, and the Christmas before that. Fate mocks me. God despises my pleas and relegates my desires to the bottom of His priorities. The househelp left […]
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