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Posts tagged with ‘Hope’

  • Heaven’s Children

    By Kiah on April 1, 2013
    Happy Easter people…I am in love with this story like I haven’t been in love with any story in a long time. I hope it makes you smile, more importantly, I hope it makes you hope… A few minutes ago he had kissed her goodbye. A few minutes ago, she had gotten into her car and pretended she was on […]
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  • Land of dreams…

    By Kiah on September 7, 2010
    ‘Tu a ra ya aka…’ My mum’s sonorous voice finds me in the land of dreams. It nudges me to wake. I want to wake. I want to see her face. I want to see her eyes light up. Her furrowed brow when she is serious. Her smooth skin as light bounces off it like a mirror. I want to […]
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