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Photo Credit- Unicef   Phew. I miss the days when I wrote like this. It wasn’t that very long ago either. Found this in my email drafts where most of [ … ]

Things We Lose

I don’t like this story…i find it tedious, boring even but I am discovering the boring side of me. This is a good thing…think of it like a denouement. If [ … ]

Love’s Tempo

  He was leaning against the counter of the Au Bon Pain at Grand Central where he had eaten breakfast for the past three years when he first heard her [ … ]


He was too early. The email had said 11am at the Nethermead. Yet here he was, right place but wrong timing. He smiled bitterly to think about how that statement [ … ]


Y’all know I much I love ‘love stories’. I think all my love stories are starting to sound the same though. So therefore we will not be doing these love [ … ]

Mr Anansi

This one was inspired by the beautiful Taha, a girl whose heart never ceases to amaze me with its goodness…She inspires many of my stories. That is her in the [ … ]


I wrote this two years ago but it is something is still fresh on my mind. I have a confession to make though; I have never been to Paris!┬áBut I [ … ]