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  I have been away too long. Blame my ‘Ajala’ ways. I am in love with Asia and can’t wait to go back. It was a trip that exceeded my [ … ]


I started writing this a while ago on Medium. I am still not sure I have the right ending. Endings bore me these days.  But let’s talk about this photo. [ … ]

Heaven Can’t Wait

Spoiler Alert! This is inspired by the Bible, my ever trusty, go-to inspiration for love, for restoration, for inspiration. There is a lot of rambling but I hope you guys [ … ]

Time Warp

Because everyone should have a friend like Eloho…I wrote this a while back after reading ‘Shelter Me’ Cannot remember the author’s name right now but yeah, it was a cool [ … ]


I was tweeting about some of my fave characters the other day and I realized most people haven’t read about Zion. The story isn’t really about Zion but I think he adds [ … ]

A City

I dream of Lagos mornings,  rainy Lagos mornings,  horns blowing,  hawkers trading,  my hand perfectly fitted in yours.  I dream of Lagos afternoons,   stormy beaches,   palm trees swaying to a [ … ]